Delta Psi Sigma




  1. What is rush?

    Rush lasts approximately two weeks, during which sisters and rushes get to know one another. Rushes will get a quick glimpse of what the sorority is like and decide whether or not it is right for them.

  2. What is a bid?

    A bid is an invitation to pledge extended from sisters after the rush period. You may or may not receive a bid. Bids are given to those who have shown a clear interest in joining the sorority while exemplifying the basic qualities the sorority values in a sister.

  3. How do I become a pledge?

    In order to become a pledge, you must attend at least 3 rush events, 1 GIM and 2 other events in order to qualify for a bid. Once the rush accepts the bid, the rush will become a pledge.

  4. Do I need to attend a certain school to join?

    No, DYS is an intercollegiate sorority with sisters from all over the Boston area. Check out the list of schools that Sisters have attended.

  5. How long is pledging?

    The length of time depends on the overall performance of the pledge class. How much time and effort a pledge puts into their class yields greater rewards in the end.

  6. Will it affect my grades?

    Like any extracurricular activity, pledging can affect grades if you do not manage your time properly.

  7. How will DYS help me in the future?

    DYS has a growing alumni network all over the world, including Boston, New York, Panama, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Many sisters are from various multicultural backgrounds and have pursued a number of degrees in areas including HR, engineering, international relations, fashion, politics, and biological sciences. Meeting and learning from these sisters are encouraged through our Mentor/Mentee program, Winter Conference, and Spring Assembly. In addition, alumni events are great opportunities for networking and keeping in touch with other alumni.

  8. Why join DYS?

    Being a sister in DYS is not only an undergraduate experience, it is an experience lasts a whole lifetime. Our philosophy encourages sisters to strengthen their bonds, but also to create new ones as well. Whether you're traveling or moving to a new city/country or want to seek career advice from an older sister, sisters are always happy to extend a helping hand. Under the principles of love, friendship, and guidance, the sisters of Delta Psi Sigma support one another in helping sisters grow both individually and as an organization as well.