Delta Psi Sigma




Below are some reflections from Sisters about Delta Psi Sigma on why they chose this sorority.

Edna "Virtue" Chiu

Luminous Lambdas
Spring 2006

Boston University
Human Physiology

  1. Why did you join DYS?

    The biggest features that attracted me to DYS are the intercollegiate and multicultural aspect of our organization. The stereotypical views of a sorority were also immediately dismissed when I attended rush and met girls who were down-to-earth and great role models. I knew I did not want to give up the opportunity to make my college experience even more memorable and to gain some lifetime friendship, so I accepted my bid without a second thought.

  2. What advice would you give to a younger sister?

    Here's my Top 5:

    1. Remember what we taught you as a pledge. The most successful sisters are the ones that continue to carry that knowledge throughout her life.
    2. Your commitment to our sisterhood makes us stronger every day.
    3. Cook food for your pledge sisters, PE/aPE. Bigs, and alums! Haha - JK! But definitely cherish each moment you get to hang out with sisters. You have the most freedom and time in college, so have fun now! Using that camera is a plus too! :)
    4. Always have an open mind and never refuse to learn.
    5. Rock your letters with pride ♥
Joanie "Envy" Wang

Stunning Sigmas
Fall 2008

Tufts University
International Relations & Japanese

  1. Why did you join DYS?

    To be honest, I went to rush on a whim back when I was a sophomore at Tufts just to see what it was like. I rushed DYS because I was intrigued, but I joined because I was impressed by the group of ambitious and driven girls that were present. I also wanted to be part of an organization that regularly contributed back to the community and one that encouraged networking and sisterhood.

  2. What has DYS/being in DYS taught you?

    Being in DYS has taught me the importance of leadership. We all start off young and eager to learn, but there comes a time when those skills are put to the test. Part of what makes DYS great is that everyone gets a chance to be a leader for something they're passionate about. Being a sister in DYS teaches you how to step up and teach those after you as well, giving you the opportunity to make important decisions about the sorority's future.

Melissa "Serenity" Ortiz

Chaotic Chis
Spring 2010

Boston University

  1. Why did you join DYS?

    Initially, I rushed because my friends dragged me along and I tagged along for the free boba. (Shameful, I know!) I can be a spontaneous person and just figured I'd see what the experience of rushing would be like. I decided to come back out because the then-rush chairs encouraged me to attend more events. It's funny because I was the only one out of my group of friends who decided to interview! How uncanny.

    To be honest- I don't know why I decided to interview. Maybe I can't remember. I might have just gone for the hell of it! But I figured it couldn't hurt because I had nothing to lose. So when I got my bid I had considered whether or not I wanted to take it. Part of me was curious in trying new things- perhaps broaden my college experience and also to see what pledging would be like. And so I stroked my chin and thought I'd give it a try to see what the sisterhood was about! It's interesting seeing where I am today and how DYS has changed my life. And so I continue to thank myself for making that seemingly random decision to come out to rush. Who knew boba could lead to eternal sisterhood?

  2. What did you expect DYS would be like before joining?

    Besides the stereotypes portrayed in the media, I had known nothing about Greek life prior to rushing. I guess I was interested in the philanthropy and sisterhood missions of the sorority. I love volunteering, and I love making good friends! I also really liked the fact that it was intercollegiate and made up of so many diverse sisters, which meant that networking would be pretty interesting.

  3. Did we meet your expectations and more?

    That's one way to put it, haha. Sometimes it's overwhelming when I think about how much I've grown since joining DYS. And also how much the sorority has given me. There are so many roles to play and so many ways to contribute to the growth of the sorority, so I don't think I'll ever get bored of being active! I suppose the most appealing aspect of joining DYS was just knowing what it would be like to experience sisterhood and make lifelong friends.

    Joining DYS has to be one of the most badass decisions I've ever made. It's one of my biggest life accomplishments. Since joining, I have gained more self-confidence and worth, discovered much about myself, explored other cultures, learned how to take leadership roles, and have been given a wonderful family. I never knew what familyhood was until I became a sister. Even though I have siblings of my own, DYS has shown me what a real family was, because "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves" I love the sisterhood and I'm extremely happy and grateful for everything it's given me.

    My sisters are my mentors, my go-to people, my study buddies, my parents, my soul mates, and most of all- my best friends.

Lena "Montage" Nguyen

Palladian Psis
Fall 2010

UMass Boston

  1. Why did you join DYS?

    At a time period I had several friends who were really close to me; and were also considered as my sisters, who all moved really far away. The first day I sat across the table of DYS I had some really long thoughts about wanting to create a new family in my heart; although I was scared of getting heart broken again, I still decided to join DYS. What drew me into finally deciding to join is the fact that I wanted to one day be able to call these girls my sisters; and because of the goals that DYS has as a sorority; sisterhood, academics, social as well as putting work into helping out the community. Today I am glad and proud to do say that I have a new family, a new group of girls who I can call my sisters and a group of girls who I care for and love.

  2. Aside from expanding (since that is obviously one of our top goals), what other goal(s) are we currently striving for?

    Other goals that I would say that we are striving for, I believe is make sure that we can have as many different ethnicity girls in the sorority. Today having a group/club with different cultural aspects is the new trend. Most sororities only focus on only one cultural group; but for DYS it is important to put a message out there telling all the girls in the world that any girl is welcome to join our sorority. Although we may not be as diverse as we would have hope at the moment, one day we will be known to be the most diverse sorority in the United States.

Nicki "Crescendo" Chea

Alluring Alpha Alphas
Spring 2011


  1. Why did you join DYS?

    I joined DYS to meet genuine girls who I can always rely on as sisters forever. It's hard to come by girls who are true to their words and will always be there. When I come across people like that, I put in my best effort to get to know them. In the long run, I wanted to be someone's shoulder as well as have shoulders to lean on. I'm really glad and grateful that I joined!

  2. Recently crossing (Spring 11), what do you like so far about being in DYS?

    I really like that DYS has so many events to uphold the sorority. Having events for every category like philanthropy, sisterhood, social, and fundraising really helps to keep the sisters in touch with each other. I didn't realize that there was so much work being put into upholding the bonds between us. But I'm happy to see that we're all doing our part. Yay teamwork! Wooo!